Eden Vardy

Executive Director

Eden founded Aspen TREE and has managed the organization for 10 years.



Cooper Means

Agricultural Director

Cooper was Aspen TREE’s first intern as a high school student in 2010; has been farming since 2006.


Lisa Kohlhepp

Program Director

Lisa has 16 years of teaching experience, including ski teaching, Montessori educator, and nature mentor.


Britta Gustafson

Communications Director

Britta has 15 years of
mass communications and
marketing experience in the Valley.



John Tangen, CPA,

President of Aspen TREE Board

Financial Analyst and Consultant; former Lead Controller for RFTA and Certified Public Accountant.

Aspen TREE’s board of directors:

John Tangen, CPA, Jeff Davlyn, Dennis Young, Judy Lovins, Tina Person, Elizabeth Means, Michael Miracle, Michael Hailey, Mack Bailey, Andrew Helsley, River Morgan, Eden Vardy.
In 2017, 100% of board members gave a total of $4,300, but also contributed 305 hours of in kind support and $50,000 value of in kind donations.